Oreica Doors is a revolution of door manufacturing. We combined two aspects, the curtain wall engineering and the joinery into one unique product. Oreica Doors are no longer to use conventional glaze beads to seal the glass or solid panels. They are robust and able to withstanding strong impact. They just like a solid door but having glass door features. Oreica Doors also provide solid timber panel door.


The glass panel is insert into the door. It can be easily replace and will not damage the beautiful door finish. Furthermore, it is not necessary to abandon the doors due to unrepairable or costly charges for repairing. Ultimately minimize dumps to the landfill and helping to save our environment.


Oreica Doors has sucessfully patented in 2015.

(Patent 2012203251)






We had developed a new installation method other than conventional way to install hinges. We use stainless steel bolts to installing hinges. This fixing method provided stronger and convenience fixing than normal screws and can be repeatedly unscrew without damaging the timber.





Door Finish

We recommend water base wood finish for interior doors. For exterior doors oil base wood finish with UV resistant products would be appropriate. And marine grade wood finish for higher standard requirement.


Oreica Doors had the unique design registered.